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About six years ago, I remember searching the internet for information related to prepping after getting curious of this way of life. The curiosity grew, as did my own desire of becoming more self-sufficient. The internet offers a wealth of information, either be blogs, or Q and A’s of others who are looking for the same information. Do a Google search of “How to Prep” and you will get over sixty-six million results.  If you get more specific with your searches, you will get even more results.

Prepping has become popular for many reasons.  Some feel that the economy is worsening to the point that drastic times are coming, or have already arrived. Others were fearful of what December 21, 2012 would bring. While some fear catastrophic events, others want to learn how to rely more on themselves. Whatever your reasons for wanting to be more prepared, hopefully this book will help as a starting, or continuing point of what you need to do to in order to feel prepared.

I am not going to use a lot of frightening statistics, or graphic pictures to scare you into reading this. There is enough fear created in this world, and I do not mean to add to it. I don’t believe shock and awe tactics work in order to get others interested in becoming prepared and more self-sufficient. There are enough books available that do that. My goal is to make you think, and plan accordingly. Statistics will not help you to survive, but basic knowledge can put the odds in your favor. With knowledge you can and will survive, and may even thrive. This means not only being prepared physically, with supplies, and such, but even more importantly you will need to be prepared mentally.

This entire series will be broken down into letters of the alphabet, and what you can do to prepare and plan within each letter of the alphabet. In the end, if you read all 26 books, I promise you will have a very good comprehension of what it means to be prepared, and will also have a lot of information that will help you to become more self-reliant

Preparing and planning can seem a bit overpowering when you first start out. Just keep in mind you will be always planning and preparing from this point on so going at your own pace is smart, and advised.

In order to be prepared, your mind has to be constantly thinking, “what if?”  You need to be thinking one-step ahead, and planning of how you will react to any given situation.

Let’s take a “what if” scenario to get your mind thinking.

What if you are doing your weekly shopping and a catastrophic event occurs. You find you and your family in a busy shopping store, and chaos breaks out. Do you have a plan? Can you get to your car, and if you can, can you get out of the parking lot? What do you do when hundreds of people around you begin to panic? Can you remain calm, or do you cave in to the pressure going on around you?

Or, another situation, you are sitting at home, and the weather forecaster on the local news excitedly explains how a massive snowstorm is approaching the area. Are you ready for it? Do you have enough food to last through the storm? And how much food do you have?  Enough for a week? Two weeks? Three months? Do you have supplies? What about heat, if the power goes out, can you keep your family warm? And don’t forget water, do you have enough? What would you do? How about your neighbors, are they prepared? Would you help them?

And just one more scenario for you to think about. You are the sole source of income for your family, and you have lost your job. What do you do next? How long can you survive without your income? Do you have a backup plan? What about food and other items you need for your family? Will you be able to pay your bills, and if you can, how long can you manage that?

These are very realistic scenarios that could happen to you, your neighbors, or your loved ones. With a little planning and some practice, you can be prepared for either of the above situations and many, many more. That is what this book is meant to do, help give you situations and practical tips you can apply to almost any situation in order to be prepared.

By being prepared for any situation, you will not only help yourself and your loved ones, but you might be an asset to your neighbors, and even your community. By reading this book, you are giving yourself an advantage at emergency and even everyday life preparedness. You will have the tools and the information to help make you more self-reliant.

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